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Les Cinq Eiffels are magical creatures that live in the Louvre, an art museum in Paris, France.  During the day they hang as paintings for all to admire, but at night when the museum closes, they become alive and go on adventures together!  Get swept away with these enchanted creatures in this 36-page multilingual and educational children's book!  First in a series, Les Cinq Eiffels/The Five Eiffels will introduce your child to these mystical characters and their unique personalities. Your child will get wrapped up in this book as they journey with the Eiffels and explore famous cities, landmarks and countries around the world.  Throughout the book, your child will also be introduced to simple words in French, Italian and Spanish with the help of the Eiffels.  They will discover the language each Eiffel loves to speak!  Pronunciation keys and a glossary make it fun and easy to learn a new language!  With colorful illustrations, this book will capture the imagination of all ages!  Suitable for ages 3 - 10!

Coming Soon 2018 !

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Les Cinq Eiffels Vinyl Sticker

Weatherproof & Scratch-Resistant


First Adventure

 Les Cinq Eiffels  First Adventure

Les Cinq Eiffels

The Five Eiffels

​Bonjour, Carnaval, Patriotique, Mascarade & Bonne Nuit are now made available on stickers!  You can take them anywhere. Stick them on your favorite notebook, binder or even laptop!  Weatherproof and scratch-resistant, you can stick them to any smooth surface, indoors or outside, and they will last for years!

​Trim Size 8.25" x 10.5" 

3" x 3" Vinyl Sticker

Les Cinq Eiffels / The Five Eiffels

A Children's Picture Book Series

Liliana Leone

Softcover Children's Picture Book

Les Cinq Eiffels